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The Sedona Experiment

Realizing the Absolute in two weeks of persistent meditation

“One thousand times as effective
a 10-Day Silent Vipassana Retreat.”

Original Sedona Experiment Participants’ Statements

Gail Abelow

Two and a half months after the Original Sedona Experiment started… especially tonight; the Absolute has become so self-evident and accessible that I have to wonder why I never noticed it before the Experiment. As beautiful as the appearance of the red rocks is here in Sedona, the Absolute is even more beautiful and alluring tonight.

Petra Heveroch

My feeling after the days I attended: Grateful, changed, mindblown, loved, expanded, contracted, grown, still, vast, united. What happend in this vortex is something I could never have expected, planned or orchestrated beforehand.

This journey into unknown fields, towards the absolute, the pointers and doors that lead further, the energy that sometimes felt too intense and delicious at the same time…the flow of creativity and love, going further beyond and deeper within than I have ever been before…

Even on one day diving into a state that was not my personal me anymore but just loving infinite oneness. Days after the experiment it still lasts, it changes, it is constantly expanding, sometimes being back in my physical me, then moments of feeling the oneness that includes everything that is just a story, an illusion… indescribable. Thank you Bentinho and all the others, for the red pill.

Cory Katuna

Most spiritual advice—stuff like “each moment you can choose how to feel” or “follow your highest excitement” or “deep down, you always know what to do”—has always been conflicting for me at a certain point. It’s not always applicable; it’s relevance isn’t permanent. There comes a point where advice like this leads to paradox or confusion. So until recently, all I’ve found has been great but imperfect wisdom. In other words, until recently all I’ve found is varying degrees of delusion.

During the Sedona Experiment, for the first time in my life, I got complete clarity. I’m not saying I reached where I want to reach yet—I’m saying that now I know what I want, why I want it, where it is, and how to get there. I used to want things like relief, happiness, confidence, clarity, success, alignment, influence, love, and to reach my potential. Now I see that those are all inevitable byproducts of what I truly want. And the path that leads to what I truly want is plain as day. It’s not an easy road but it’s simple and I know I can make it. I’ve been looking for this kind of clarity for years.

The Sedona Experiment was a masterpiece. This changes everything. As far as I’m concerned it’s Bentinho’s best work to date.

James Kline

Words fail to describe what is opening up before me. The physical world now pales in comparison to a glimpse into the Divine. Bliss and joy no longer seem remote but rather ever here and available. It is a game changer. Marcel Proust said the real voyage of discovery is found in “seeing with new eyes”. The Sedona Experiment has accomplished this.

About Bentinho Massaro

Bentinho Massaro is one of the great catalysts for transformation of our time. His teachings embody the essence of all major spiritual paths, yet remain focused on what works, and ignore what does not. 

If you want the deepest possible realizations, the most comprehensive tools to live a life of true fulfillment, and you’d like to master all of this in the shortest amount of time humanly possible, you’ve come to the right place. Bentinho’s work ensures that you won’t waste any time achieving your desired state of being. 

As a child growing up in Holland, Bentinho always sensed the unlimited possibilities within human consciousness. When he became a teenager, he made a commitment to search for the “ultimate answer” and to discover the remedy that would liberate humanity from constant suffering. He began his relentless quest exploring all kinds of teachers, philosophies, and methods, including living and studying in India. He stayed with each practice only long enough to digest what was useful to his goal. 

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